Configuration Files

All the configuration files are stored in /etc/nagrestconf and can be edited from the command line.

More information is available in the comments in configuration file.



DCC Set DCC=1 if this is a data centre collector. E.g. DCC=0
REMOTE_EXECUTOR pnp4nagios helper. E.g. "check_nrpe"
FRESHNESS_CHECK_COMMAND The command used to check freshness on a collector. E.g. "no-checks-received"


NAG_DIR Nagios 'etc' directory. E.g. /etc/nagios
NAG_OBJ_DIR Where the objects directory is. E.g. $NAG_DIR/objects
NAG_CONFIG Where nagios.cfg file is. E.g. $NAG_DIR/nagios.cfg
LIVESTATUSCOMMANDFILE Location of the live status unix pipe. E.g. '/var/log/nagios/rw/live'
LIVESTATUSUNIXCAT Location of the unixcat command. E.g. '/usr/bin/unixcat'
COMMANDFILE Where the nagios.cmd file is. E.g. '/var/log/nagios/rw/nagios.cmd'
STATUSFILE Where the status.dat file is. E.g. '/var/log/nagios/status/status.dat'
NAGIOSBIN Where nagios is. E.g. /usr/sbin/nagios
CSV2NAG Where csv2nag is. E.g. "apache"
WWWUSER The user apache runs as. E.g. "apache"


resturl The REST API url. E.g. ""
folder[] The environment name. E.g. "local"
restuser The REST API user name. E.g. "user"
restpass The REST API password. E.g. "pass"
sslkey Pasword-less ssl key. E.g. "/path/to/key"
sslcert Certificate for the sslkey. E.g. "/path/to/cert"


NAG_INITD Name of the nagios init.d script. E.g. nagios
Distributed Monitoring Options
dcc IP address of the collector. E.g.
SSH Alternative ssh tunnel command. E.g. tun1
SSH_OPTS Supply extra options to ssh. E.g. "-p 2222"