Synagios is a complete and fully working Nagios implementation for Synology Diskstation storage devices.

The Synagios package includes:

  • Nagios - The monitoring daemon.
  • PNP4Nagios - A performance collector daemon and graphing add-on.
  • Nagrestconf - The Nagios configuration add-on.
  • Debian - Built on a standard, minimal installation of Debian.

Features and Benefits

Synagios is simple to install and setup, and also quick and easy to uninstall. Install today and enjoy the benefits:

  • Fully working after just a few clicks.
  • Easy to configure but more powerful than it looks.
  • It's scalable. With some professional help Synagios can scale to monitor hundreds of servers.
  • It's compatible. Nagios plugins and addons will work.
  • Synology's High availability and backup features can be used, making the creation of resilient monitoring systems simple.
  • Runs in a chroot environment on the Diskstation. Linux administrators working on the command line will see the usual files in the usual places.
  • It's free and Open Source.

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