Upload and Download Files

Upload and download directories store uploaded csv files, backups, and restore files. These files are not deleted after use and generally do not take up much space.

These files can be safely deleted at any time or a cron job can be used to clear out these directories periodically.

NOTE: Do not delete the directories, only delete the contents.

Using bash to delete the directory contents for all files over a month old:

find /usr/share/nagrestconf/htdocs/nagrestconf/{upload,download} \
    -type f -mtime +30 -exec rm -f {} \;


CRON, the periodic scheduler, is used to schedule nagios restarts and configuration imports from slave servers.

Currently the cron jobs are added to root's crontab, but they will be moved to the system crontabs in the future.

For standalone or slave servers ensure that the following crontab entry exists:

* * * * * /usr/bin/test -e /tmp/nagios_restart_request && ( /bin/rm /tmp/nagios_restart_request; /usr/bin/restart_nagios; )

The frequency can be changed to reduce the number of restarts if the configuration changes often. This may be desirable for larger environments that make use of a lot of automation.

NOTE: the crontab is different for Fedora. Please see the Fedora Installation Guide.

For collector nodes use:

* * * * * /usr/bin/update_nagios

For slave servers, in distributed environments, the following cron job may also be required:

*/10 * * * * /usr/bin/auto_reschedule_nagios_check

Refer to Tools and Commands for more information.


Plugins can be enabled or disabled by installing or uninstalling the plugin package, or by adding/deleting symbolic links in:


The order that plugins are loaded does matter, for example, the Services Tab must be loaded before the Services Bulk Tool. Ordering is achieved by prefixing the plugin name with a number. The order is currently as follows:

  • 06_smorg_backup_btn.php
  • 10_smorg_services_tab.php
  • 50_smorg_hosts_bulktools_btn.php
  • 50_smorg_services_bulktools_btn.php

No ongoing administration is required but if a link is removed from the plugins-enabled directory, be sure to recreate the link prefixed with the correct number.

Example: Delete then recreate the Backup and Restore plugin link.

Delete the plugin link:

cd /usr/share/nagrestconf/htdocs/nagrestconf/plugins-enabled
rm 06_smorg_backup_btn.php

Recreate the plugin link:

cd /usr/share/nagrestconf/htdocs/nagrestconf/plugins-enabled
ln -s ../plugins/smorg_backup_btn.php 06_smorg_backup_btn.php